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I get alot of questions from my website about custom window treatments like how much do they cost and what they look like. That’s why I decided to start my blog with some pictures of window treatments. Custom window treatments are very personal in many ways. What makes them personal are the fabrics chosen, the design chosen, the trims chosen, etc. for that individual window, person, room, etc. For example, this is a very tall, relatively narrow window. I needed some real length to the top treatment that a traditional swag phsyically could not give me. So I decided on this “swag look” made an entirely different way. Because we had installed inside mount shades the window treatment did not need to function as literally covering the window but as dressing up the window. So I decided to change fabrics to make it visually interesting to the eye and very sexy. Afterall, it is in the master bedroom. The trim just adds more visual interest and covers the seam created by using different fabrics. It works! It’s a very sexy window treatment! 


Theatrical Drama in Living

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In this formal living space we needed something on the windows to add warmth and drama but we didn’t want to cover the view. This treatment does exactly that. I used a heavy weight fabric to match the height and weight of the room and draped it over two wooden drapery rods. The wooden beams and posts in the walls gave the room a very nice dimension but also had to be considered when positioning the rods. Since this is the first view as you walk through the front door I wanted it be very dramatic. It is stunning!

It is impossible to put a cost on a custom window treatment until you have a design for the window and the fabric selected that you are going to use. Custom window treatments are more expensive than ready mades but as you can see, the visual and emotional impact that a custom treatment provides for a room is well worth the money and sometimes the only way to get that “WOW” factor you are after. It’s money well spent.

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